Remote Qualified Signature

With the Digital Signature you can sign your digital documents with full legal validity. No physical device required and one or three-year validity.

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Qualified Signature Features

The Remote Qualified  Signature is a type of Signature that doesn’t require the use of smart cards or dedicated hardware, because it is based on OTP, i.e. temporary passwords that expire a few seconds after being generated, thus eliminating the risks related to the use of static passwords.
The Remote Signature guarantees very high levels of security and service availability. This is because you don’t have a device with a certificate on board, because the latter is installed on the HSM (Hardware Security Module) of the Namirial Certification Authority.

The Namirial Remote Signature service has two versions available: 1 year and 3 years.
The two versions can be used on computers, smartphones and tablets.To sign a digital document with a Remote Digital Signature, you need simply to:

  • Be connected to the Internet;
  • Having installed the Namirial Digital Sign application in the case of an IOS/ANDROID tablet or smartphone;
  • Possess an OTP (One Time Password), which will be generated alternatively by receiving an SMS on your mobile phone, or using the Namirial OTP APP (IOS/ANDROID version).

How to activate the Remote Qualified Signature

Once the purchase has been made, you will receive a link to proceed with the identification necessary for the activation of your Digital Remote Signature.

You can identify yourself through ONLINE Video Identification: identification will take place via a video call on a special platform with a Namirial operator. You can do Video Identification 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.