Ensure the integrity and authenticity of your corporate documents using Namirial Electronic Seal

Certify the legal value of your electronic documents and avoid the risk of modifications.

What is the Qualified Electronic Seal for?

The Qualified Electronic Seal allows the signature of digital documents by a legal person, ensuring their integrity and authenticity.

The easy-to-use Qualified Electronic Seal

Without the need to use a special device or security codes, the Namirial electronic seal is easy to apply in any type of document such as invoices, official notices, offers or other documents that require a commitment from the company.

While from a digital signature we are able to identify with certainty a “physical” subject through his name, surname and tax code, from a seal we can trace back with certainty to a legal person through his name, VAT number or tax code, but we have no reference to the natural person who materially used the credentials to generate this seal.

By using the Qualified Electronic Seal, legal entities are protected and avoid the risk of having their documents modified or falsified.

The Qualified Electronic Seal is recognized, according to the European eIDAS legislation, in all EU member states and can be used, for example, when signing:

  • Invoices and official notifications;
  • Certifications and legalizations;
  • Offers and other electronic documents.

The simplest solution for a legal signature

Advantages of the Qualified Electronic Seal

The perfect seal for legal entities

Automatic affixing

No manual activities are required from the legal person, seals are affixed by a computer system.

Guarantee of origin

The increase of fraud attempts strengthens the need to guarantee the origin of a document or message.


Evidential functions

The Qualified Electronic Seal guarantees the origin of the data and is recognized throughout Europe in the courts.

Certainty of the signatory

The Seal allows a legal entity to be associated with a document in a certain and permanent way.
From national and European legislation, it emerges that the certainty of the author is guaranteed similarly to what happens for physical subjects with a qualified electronic signature.

How to activate Qualified Electronic Seal

Activate your Electronic Seal in 3 simple steps:

Choose the validity period of the Seal and click on “Buy”

Check the email and follow the instructions to sign and send the required documentation

Receive the credentials of your Electronic Seal

Buy the EIDAS Qualified Electronic Seal

Choose only the validity period that’s right for you.

eSeals - 1 year

Qualified Electronic Seal valid for 1 year

499€ +VAT
eSeals - 6 years

Qualified Electronic Seal valid for 6 years

2499€ +VAT

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FAQ about Qualified Electronic Seal

FAQ about Qualified Electronic Seal

Choose between 1 or 6 years validity version.

How do I activate the electronic seal?

We will ask you to provide us with some documents relating to your business, we will carry out the necessary verifications and we will send you the credentials of the service.

How do I use the electronic seal?

You can use it by downloading and installing the FirmaCerta software (download).

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