The Timestamp is used to assign a legally valid time and date to a digital document.
Buy the Timestamp package that best suits your needs. They are valid throughout the European Union, even without a digital signature.

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Timestamps Features

Timestamps guarantee a certain date and time for an electronic document at the time of its affixing.
You can choose the Timestamps package you need from 100 to a maximum of 5000.
The Timestamps of an IT document consists in the generation, by a Certification Authority, of a digital signature of the document (also additional to that of the subscriber) to which the information relating to a certain date and time is associated.

The main advantages of Timestamps are:

  • extend the validity of the document beyond that of the signature certificate;
  • prove the existence of a document at a given moment.

Reference time Timestamps

The time to which the Namirial Timestamps refer is Coordinated Universal Time, and is constantly updated with IRMIN (National Institute of Meteorological Research) and with the GPS system.
A digitally signed and Timestamped document has a higher legal value than the paper correspondent with a handwritten signature.